Across North Georgia, people are learning that propane is an outstanding alternative fuel source, ideal for cooking outdoors and indoors, for heating your home or office, for driving your hot water heater, even for powering generators and machinery. It’s clean-burning, stable and easy to transport, as well as being among the best fuels for burning.

Of course, when residents and businesses want the best source of propane, they’re looking for a company with longevity and a reputation for trust and forthright service. They want a company with a focus on safety and personal attention. That’s why when north Georgia residents are interested in making the switch to propane, they turn to the best Dawsonville, GA, propane company: Mark Heard Fuel.

Your Dawsonville GA, Propane Company

For over 60 years, now, Mark Heard Fuel Company has been the leading Dawsonville, GA, propane company, providing service to the people of the entire North Georgia area. We guarantee that safety is always our top priority. We provide superb customer service, and promise your complete satisfaction, and we’ll be there to answer your call any time of day or night.

We’ve built our reputation on the customer satisfaction and individualized service we provide. That service is expressed in the wide range of programs we offer, to meet any budgetary requirement. This includes our “Keep Full” program, which will make certain that you’re never out of propane. We offer easy online means of getting started with services, ordering refills, or even paying your bill.

Services Any Time of Day or Night

Do you have an emergency in the middle of the night? No problem; someone will be there to take your call and we’ll address the problem quickly and decisively. Forgot to place your order during normal business hours? Again, there’s no worry, since you can order your refill right online or even call our answering service, who can take your order over the phone.

We have only one goal at Mark Heard, and that’s to be the Dawsonville, GA, propane company you can count on to provide absolute customer satisfaction. We also are completely safety-minded, putting safety first, above all else.

Switching to Propane

If you haven’t yet made the switch to propane, it’s something you should seriously consider. Both the Clean Air Act and the National Energy Policy Act have endorsed and approved propane as an eco-friendly alternative fuel. It’s a byproduct of natural gas, it cuts down toxic and carcinogenic emissions, and it burns very cleanly and efficiently. It’s even cheaper in some ways than traditional electricity. Not only will propane save you money, it lets you do your part for the planet.

It’s even good for running your Dawsonville, GA, business, machines, equipment and vehicles. You can get conversion kits for many machines that are EPA-approved. There’s really no reason not to investigate making the switch today.

If you’re interested in making the switch to propane, if you have any questions, you’d like more information or you need a refill, Mark Heard Fuel Co. is here. Give us a call and get started with the leading Dawsonville, GA, propane company today!

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