Mark Heard Fuel Co. makes it easy for customers to order propane gas, but there are a few do’s and don’ts you should know.

For starters, we need your delivery address as well as a daytime landline or cell number where we can contact you or a representative from your business.  All our propane tanks have a percentage gauge that enables customers to check the percentage of gas in the tank at any time. This will help you avoid running out of gas.

We have a number of propane supply programs to suit all needs, and when it comes to payment, we have flexible plans. We need you to know that in certain circumstances there will be extra charges. But by being proactive, you can avoid these.

How to Determine Percentages

All our propane tanks are equipped with a percentage gauge that shows how much gas is left in the tank.  It’s about the size of a silver dollar, with numbers beginning with 5, increasing to 95.  This reading is expressed as a percentage so if you have 50% remaining and your tank has a capacity of 500 gallons, you have 250 gallons remaining.  You will find it under the lid of the tank.

When the gauge registers between 20 and 30 percent call our office and order a gas refill. This will give our drivers enough time to deliver your order before you run out. We deliver as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee same-day deliveries.

Also, be aware that gauges may sometimes be inaccurate. If you think you are using more gas than the gauge indicates, tap on the side of the gauge with something hard such as a pair of pliers.  This will usually make it drop to the correct level if your gauge happens to be reading incorrectly.

Programs to Meet Your Needs

We know that our customers have different needs and so strive to please all of our customers. For example, some customers want their tanks filled automatically so they have the peace of mind they will never run out.  Others value our budget-billing programs that allow them to anticipate monthly payments in advance as to not receive a large gas bill they aren’t budgeting to pay.

  • Keep-Filled Program

The MHF auto-fill program ensures that customer’s tanks never run out. So whenever our drivers are in their area they do the fill-up. It couldn’t be simpler.

Customers wanting to be kept filled must have a good credit rating and be willing to accept deliveries throughout the year, including the spring and summer.

  • Budget Billing Program

This program lets our valued customers pay monthly without additional interest charges, even if you take an auto-fill plan.  We try to anticipate your annual usage and spread those costs evenly over a twelve month period.

Additional Charges

If you run out of gas and need us to deliver after hours that is not a problem. We do everything we can to help our customers, but you will be invoiced a $125 late delivery charge that will include a leak test. Also, it is essential that someone is at home or on-site when the delivery is made. Also, it is essential that someone is at home or on site when the delivery is made.

If we aren’t able to deliver your order for any reason you may be invoiced $25 for a missed delivery. Typical issues that prevent us from making deliveries include locked gates and dangerous dogs.

If you’d like to talk to someone from MHF about ordering, budget billing, or the keep-filled program, please call, email (, or drop into one of our offices so we that we can discuss your needs.


If you or someone in your family have an emergency, such as a gas leak in your home, there are a few questions that we will need answered as well as steps to follow.

For extreme emergencies, such as an uncontrolled, liquid leak at the tank or fire, please dial 911 and evacuate the home or business immediately.

For less extreme scenarios, such as the smell of gas in the yard, please call our Cumming office (770-887-2333) at anytime.  If your call is after 4 PM EST, you will be forwarded to an after-hours answering service.  Select option “500” and leave your name, phone number, address, as well as description of what is occurring.  Your message will be returned promptly by our team and someone will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible.

If it is safe to do so, cut off the gas at the tank as to try to stop the immediate threat of leaking gas.

One last thing to remember, a fire needs three things to occur: fuel source (propane), oxygen, and a source of ignition.  This source of ignition can come in many varieties such as spark from a light switch on a wall to using a phone.  Please be clear of any gas present before calling for help and do not touch anything that has electrical power.