It doesn’t matter if you live or work in Dahlonega, GA, you’re going to need fuel at some point in time. With electricity growing ever more expensive and people turning towards alternative, more eco-friendly fuel sources, propane is becoming a more popular fuel by the day. Eco-friendly and extremely efficient, it’s a great solution for just about any power, heating or cooking needs, whether you’re on the go or running a large institutional structure.

Of course, you need a reliable service to deliver the propane you need. That’s where Mark Heard Fuel comes into the picture. We are the premier Dahlonega, GA, propane company for over 60 years running, and we’re ready to take care of all of your heating and fuel needs.

Call Mark Heard Fuel for Propane Service in Dahlonega

For the past 60 years, Mark Heard Fuel has been the Dahlonega, GA, propane company that residents count on to deliver propane right to their doors. Propane is produced as a byproduct of natural gas production, and is a clean-burning, efficient fuel with very low emissions and minimal fumes. It’s highly stable and portable, and is supplied through pipelines across the country, then transported to retail stations everywhere.

Why travel to a retail station to get your propane, however, when you could have it transported right to you? If you need propane on a regular basis, or you need emergency fuel, we’re there to provide exactly what you need. We provide aboveground tanks, and tanks for underground installation, and we even offer a “keep full” program so you’ll never run out.

At Home, at Work, on the Go

Since propane is so stable and highly portable, it’s a great fuel for any need. It can be brought to your home for use in residential heating or cooking with your water heater, gas log system, space heater, grill or even powering your home’s generator. It can perform the same functions at a commercial or institutional facility.

What if you’re on the go? Propane is a favorite fuel for travelers as well, perfect for powering your camper or trailer. No matter how much fuel you need for your Dahlonega propane needs, we can provide the ideal amount with plans for any budget.

Doing What’s Right for the Environment

The Dahlonega propane you get from Mark Heard Fuel is among the most eco-friendly alternative fuels you can use. It’s been rated as the safest fuel for heating by the NFPA, due to the strict regulations and codes surrounding the industry. It’s non-toxic, insoluble in water, and produces low emissions, so it’s very safe for the environment. It’s inexpensive because it’s produced as a byproduct of producing natural gas.

When you take all of these factors together, there’s only one conclusion: propane is the ideal fuel for you. If you’d like to make the switch to propane, you need a refill, a tank installation, or you just want more information, Mark Heard is your one-stop Dahlonega, GA, propane company. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your needs, your budget, and how we can best serve you.

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