Propane is also known as liquefied petroleum gas. Despite its origins as a petroleum product, it’s colorless, non-toxic and has almost no spell. It’s also among the safest and most energy efficient fuel sources for factories, homes, schools, offices, hospitals, churches, community halls and more. It’s a green energy source, as it is produced as a byproduct of natural gas that is used in other domestic purposes.

Because it burns so cleanly, it is safe and eco-friendly and that’s potentially why people in the Buford region turn to it for their home, business, and recreational heating and power needs. When they’re looking for the best Buford, GA, propane company, residents look to the services they get from Mark Heard Fuel.

Uses for Propane

Propane is among the most widely used fuel sources today. It’s used by commercial entities, consumers, industry and even residential dwellings. It’s easily available across the United States and is economical and efficient, saving you money over electricity. It produces very low emissions, cutting toxic and carcinogenic fumes. It’s been approved as a safe alternative fuel source by two environmental-focused Acts of Congress.

Propane can be used for heating water, cooking, building heating, fueling vehicles and equipment, powering generators, and many more uses. It’s widely used by Buford, GA, landscaping and agricultural companies to power lawn mowers and other equipment, some of which is modified from gas power using EPA-certified conversion kits.

Propane Advantages

The advantages of propane are many. Because it is so safe and stable, it can easily be transported across long distances. This makes it ideal for almost any fuel needs, even camping. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t dissolve in water, and easily stores in eco-friendly tanks which require almost zero maintenance. When properly stored it can last up to 40 years without losing its potency. This stability makes it among the safest fuel for your Buford heating needs.

After being produced as a natural gas byproduct, propane is transported via pipeline all over the country, with thousands of retail locations making it available for purchase. Not every service, however, will transport propane right to your door, and that’s where Mark Heard Fuel Company comes in.

Mark Heard Fuel Company Serving Buford, GA

For over 60 years we’ve built the kinds of relationships that have made us the most respected Buford, GA propane company. We do this by providing a complete range of services; not only do we refill propane tanks for those on the move and for homes, offices and industrial facilities across the region, but we handle installation as well. We can provide tanks both above- and below-ground. We can install home heating systems like space heaters and gas log fireplaces. We offer water heaters and home generators. We also offer ongoing refill services, including our “keep full” program which will make sure you never run out of propane for your Buford needs.

We are the Buford, GA propane company that people in this area have counted on for over half a century and counting, and we’ll be around for many more years. To get the absolute best in customer service and quality results, contact Mark Heard Fuel today.

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