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Placing an Order | After Hour Delivery Charge | Missed Delivery Fee 
Determining Your Percentage | Keep Filled Program | Budget Billing Program

Placing an Order

When placing an order with the answering service be sure to leave your:

Your Current Percentage
Your Delivery Address
Daytime Phone Number

After Hour Delivery Charge

Please note that if you run out of gas and require a delivery after hours, there is a $50.00 late delivery charge, plus a $50.00 system check.  Someone must be home at the time of the delivery.

Missed Delivery Fee

If we are unable to deliver, because of locked gates, dangerous dogs not put up, failure to leave payment if instructed, or any reason beyond our control, you will be charged a $25.00 missed delivery fee.

Determining Your Percentage

The propane tank is equipped with a percentage gauge which designated the percentage of L.P. Gas remaining in the tank and should be used when determining when to call for delivery. The percentage gauge is located underneath the lid of the tank and is about the size of a silver dollar with numbers beginning with 5 and increasing up to 95. Ideally, you should call the office and order more gas when the gauge is between 20% and 30%. In cold weather this should give our drivers enough time to deliver your gas before you are in danger of running out. Since we cannot guarantee same day deliveries, please be sure to place your orders in advance.

Sometimes, these gauges can hang up and not read correctly. So, if you are using more gas than you gauge is showing, tap on the side of the gauge with a hard object, and usually the vibration from the impact will causes the gauge to drop down to the correct level.

Keep Filled Program

Some of our customers prefer to be kept on a "Keep Filled" basis. Their tanks are automatically filled year-around, whenever the driver is in the area. Those individuals wanting to be kept filled should have a good credit rating and be willing to accept deliveries in the spring and summer as well as the fall and winter. If you would like more information about being a "Keep Filled" customer, please contact the office or send us an e-mail now.

Budget Billing Program

Our Budget Billing Program is designed so that monthly payments are made year-around without monthly interest charges. On this plan customers are also placed on a "Keep Filled" basis. If you would like more information about our Budget Billing Program, please contact the office or send us an e-mail now.



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